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Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022

Alright. You got me. How can we say we specialize in small unique drivers cars and we don’t have the Daddy of all hot hatches, a GTI?? You are correct, and we felt it was time to rectify this glaring insult to all car enthusiasts both new and old! Consider this problem solved with our 2022 Volkswagen GTI Autobahn in its limited edition launch color of Poloma Yellow!

Since the MK1 GTI, VW has set the benchmark for all the things a hot hatch should and shouldn’t be! With the new MK8 that storied tradition continues! Ridiculous fun with its retuned 2.0l turbo 4 putting out an impressive 241 horsepower at 5000 rpm. Coupled with 273 lb/ft of torque at just 1750rpm you have a recipe for good times on Maui!

An advanced interactive dash and infotainment system that functions with swiped and s teen presses, the cockpit is a minimalists dream! Leather 3 tone seats with heating and air built in, and room to comfortably fit 4, and uncomfortably 5, plus luggage, it doesn’t get much better for exploring Maui!! Come check it out at Maui Mini Go!