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MINI Cooper 2016

******This Mini is an auto…not a stick!!*****

This is our first Blue car! A 2016 Mini Cooper S with a sunroof! This is the third iteration of BMW’s take on the classic mini! With 4 inches of extra room in the cabin over the previous generation, a premium feel interior, updated high output turbocharged two-liter engine, premium and tech packages that add sunroof, and parking sensors this MINI is ready to take you on any adventure Maui can throw at you!

With go-kart handling in sport mode, or fantastically responsible gas mileage in green mode, the Mini Cooper s makes a fabulous car to see the island with.

I have no restrictions on where you take the car, just be safe and have fun! In this car you can do both without having to leave driving excitement on the mainland!

We also have a MINI in Volcanic Orange, if you would like to get on Pele’s good side!

If your looking for something a bit more….hyper!….ck out our 2006 Autumn Gold Lotus Elise!