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FIAT 500 2017

Hugo has arrived!! So, out grey Fiat 500 abarth was one of the first cars in our fleet here at Maui Mini Go! and it has easily been on of our most popular cars! About a year ago I decided to try and find the convertible version of the car with a bit more options being as our grey car is pretty basic. Little did I know how challenging it would be! Finally, after lots of searching I’d like to introduce Hugo, our 2017 Fiat 500c Abarth! Finished in Giallo yellow, with all the options, this car is the definition of fun! Even more special….wait for it!!!….manual transmission! Yup, our contribution to the Save the Manuals campaign, this little Abarth has 5-speeds of hand manipulated goodness! I’m not a huge fan of naming cars but the previous owner has named him Hugo and with the amount of personality packed into this Abarth, looks like the name is sticking around! If you are looking for a ridiculously fun car to drive on Maui with no road restrictions, 5-speed manual goodness, euro style cabriolet motoring with all the bells and whistles come check out Hugo at Maui Mini Go!