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BMW Z4 2013

Ok…..I know…’s yellow! Like really YELLOW! In fact, it’s a special edition package called Atacama Yellow with a citrus yellow interior! Which was the only way the came, can’t get one without the other! Now this color may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but come on!!! It’s maui! It’s a BMW! It’s a hardtop transforming roadster! And it’s as bright and fun to look as the sea and sky that surrounds you!

Welcome to our 2013 BMW Z4 s-drive 28i. A very long name for a very cool car. This is our third, well technically fourth, roadster if you count the Morgan! I kind of have a thing for them right now! What can I say?! Cruising around maui in an open top car is just, well, special! Especially on the right roads!!! So what makes this different than the typical mustangs or Camaros everyone is driving you ask? Well….let me tell you….those cars suck! V6, big, cheap, bulky rental cars!!! Come on! It’s maui! You want something that special that lets you really see and experience the roads here as they were meant to be…by driving them! And to do that, you need a drivers car!

All iterations of the BMW Z4 are a throwback to the British roadsters of the 60s. Long bonnet stretching in front of you, low down seating, right on the rear axel, manual transmission, and wind in your hair. Experiencing maui in such a machine, especially one that won’t break down ever other mile is truly special! Aaaaaaand….it’s YELLOW! Give me a type for more info….and remember…go get lost!!

One more thing….if you are concerned about luggage space, don’t be! Get a hold of me and we can make arrangements to deliver your luggage! Mahalo!