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BMW Z4 2007

****please NOTE: if you are worried about luggage space but really want the car, don’t sweat it!! I can usually make a fair arrangement to get you your bags if they don’t fit!*****

This is our third roadster so far. I’m a sucker for a two door, drop top, long nosed, rear wheel drive classic British style roadster! One of my first cars was a 1969 triumph TR-6……that I put a small block Chevy and an Alston back half/four-link kit into! Ok, so I broke axles every other day, not to mention I never did figure out how to get the car to go strait!….but the moral is, this Z4M so much reminds me of that car, without the hitchhiking and picking up broken parts on the road!

Unlike most M cars, BMW skewed towards a bit more of a visceral experience with the z4. It is definitely not razor sharp. And the power delivery is peaky, that wonderful s54 strait 6 climbing to a redline of 8k rpm! Handling is brutish, inviting a heavy hand and more tail happy experience rather than the nimble carving you get in a cayman or boxster.

The styling I think is still controversial. When this car first came out, I had to look away for fear of getting a bit ill! I loved the look of the Z3, and to me this was just to radical of a change with its strange swooping belt line and rounded yet angled design cues. But looking at it now, I’d say it’s aged much better than the z3! Everytime I look at the car I find a new intersection of lines, or angle that I hadn’t noticed. It’s really a unique look that I’ve come to dig quite a bit!

As for driving on Maui….come on!! It’s a bmw, it’s roadster, it’s a manual and it’s an M car. It’s really what Maui Mini Go! is all about!!