Q: Do you deliver cars to Lahaina and the west side?

A: Yes we do and no we don’t!…..Basically, if you need a car on the west side, I strongly suggest picking up the car when you first arrive on island…our warehouse is located a few minutes from the airport so it is quite easy to get into one of our cars! If that is not possible, then we can, for a fee, come pick you up and bring you back to Kahului to get the car. It is too complicated to arrange with another person to drop the car and get a ride back. We apologize for the inconvenience but as of now, this is the only option we have for getting cars “to” the West side.

Q:  What is Turo?

A:  Turo is at its most basic, an Air BNB platform for cars!  Anyone can put their car on Turo and put it up for rent!  It provides a platform that provides insurance, payment and accounting and customer support for both renter and rentee.  Maui Mini Go! includes some cars in our garage that Turo doesn’t quite know what to do with, so we are considered our own commercial rental car company.  Because of that we do not use the insurance options provided through Turo.  You must have your own insurance to rent with us!  Turo for us is basically a booking agent, providing a way for you the customer to book, track and pay for your rental.  Once you get to Maui, all service related inquiries or problems go through us.  

Q:  Can I rent directly through Maui Mini Go!

A:  Of course!  Price wise, everything is virtually identical to renting direct, or going through our Turo listings.  Going direct gives a bit more flexibility in date and time adjustments or rescheduling cars due to unforeseen circumstances.  However, Maui Mini Go! can only accept cash, Paypal and Venmo transactions at this time for payment.

Q:  Do you deliver to the airport?

A:  Sort of!  We offer an airport pickup and delivery service that is free on any week long rental, or for a competitive fee with other ride sharing services.  We try to do all of our deliveries out of warehouse at 320 Hoohana #19, Kahului Maui.  This allows us to take our time in filling out the paperwork, going over maps and answering questions our customers might have about their stay.  We can also spend as much time as necessary to go over each car and familiarize you with all of the controls and functions.  We will pick you up at the airport in a Black Ford F-150 4-door truck, which means there is plenty of room for your whole party and luggage!!