How about a Jalopnik review that used our Morgan as the test car! Check out the review at the following link: A Morgan 3 Wheeler Is The Most Fun You Can Have At Any Speed

First of all…not a Slingshot! We have here a 2015 Morgan 3W! If you have never heard of Morgan, do yourself a favor and do a search! If you know what this is then you have to try this car!

It took us two years to get this car on the road here on Maui! In fact it’s so rare Turo doesn’t know what to do with it, thus the Polaris listing!

This is the updated version of the basic car that Morgan has been building since 1909. It uses a steel space frame with an ash wood super structure that hand formed aluminum body panels hang from. Yup. I said wood! Powered by a two liter S&S X-wedge motor backed by a Mazda mx5 transmission, this is one of the most unique driving experiences you can have!

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